Daily update

1. On September 5, Northern Korea said time is not “limitless”(1) for the United $tates to decide to negotiate regarding peace and nuclear issues.

2. Palestinian Fatah party leader Abbas is meeting President Mubarak in Egypt.(2) Apparently another snag came up with I$raeli settlements, thus casting further doubt on a summit meeting for Obama at the UN this month.

3. Oxfam said not enough has been done about Somalia by the international community.(3) Meanwhile, the U.$. military just ordered unmanned drone aircraft over to attack Somalians,(4) thus expanding the war on the Islamic world more than what Bush had before.

4. Liberal Democrat Party Paddy Ashdown said Brown’s speech on Afghanistan was post-hoc rationalization for what had gone wrong with the Afghanistan war.(5) The media stressed that Ashdown questioned whether the Afghan war can be won. Today, I updated my lynching page to discuss logic and post-hoc rationalization. The Ashdown story is just another indication that Amerikan politics will not be tolerated in matters of war by everyone forever. You can only fool some of the people all of the time.

5. Following the British situation, we had our first outburst from the Amerikan Congress beyond Senator Feingold. Now others such as Senator Levin are talking about opposing Obama’s surge for Afghanistan.(6)

6. My ex-girlfriends should note two things: a) that Castro’s first released photo this year coincided with a statement that appeared in the official government Cuban press next to an article starting on the subject of Mark Weisbrot; b) that Castro’s next appearance both physical/audio was to discuss his admiration of a new crop of Nicaraguan doctors. It was his first live speech since 2007.(7)

Understand it: my ex-girlfriends have been under surveillance since the 1980s with the hopes of trying to construct various stories. I hope none of my ex-girlfriends will be tripped up now.

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