How many “Green jobs” is that Van Jones?

Obama killed 95 people in a Pakistan bombing September 4 2009.

How many “green jobs” were involved in that Van Jones?

2. Even Hillary Clinton admitted that her Iraq War vote cost her the presidency. If Bush did not have 9/11 goods on her, why do you think she caved in?

3. Why do you think Democrats did not cut off Iraq funding when they took over Congress in 2006?

4. Who do you believe, mushy-headed liberal Democrats wrapped up in political bullshit (including 9/11) fighting in the Afghan war or mushy-headed liberal Labour Party people in Britain saying there is political bullshit in the Afghan war they are fighting?

Hey, hey!
Ho, ho!
B – H – O!
What did you say?
How many kids did you kill today?


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