Daily update

1. Iran reports something different from others today on northern Korea, that the United $tates is willing to engage northern Korea in bilateral talks.(1) Other agencies reported only new U.$. sanctions on northern Korea.(2)

2. Hugo Chavez has ties to Joe Kennedy in delivering oil to the poorest of Massachusetts.(3) But for Obama, the Venezuelan president said “one can’t deny that Obama is different (from Bush).” “I have no reason to call him the devil, and I hope that I am right.” (4) Persynally, it reminds me of what a CIA agent of the SAVAK era in Iran said of Democrats.

Chavez’s statements are very unfortunate and pro-lynching.

3. The “Jerusalem Post” now rumors that Fatah and Hamas will sign a reconciliation accord this year.(5) MIM was unable to find any further evidence for anything accomplished.

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