Gordon England and Gitmo

Gordon England was George W. Bush’s Deputy Secretary of Defense in charge of Gitmo. The Wikipedia says he’s from Maryland.(1)

Lynndie England’s father worked in Maryland.(2) MIM has heard from Democratic, Republican, radical and reporter scuttlebutt about Gordon England, but we do not know if Gordon England is related to Lynndie England.

Scuttlebutt is Navy-talk for rumors, which nonetheless because of a curtain on classified information, often turn out to be the only information available in certain Navy situations. Such a situation is the worst of both worlds. The Amerikans repress information about their government when private property and family motivations still exist without getting the benefit of abolishing cash, markets and profit-seeking. In other words, Amerikans take the repressiveness of other systems without the benefits of those other systems.

So now we have people like Michael Moore indignantly defending the greatest all-time representative of exploiters, the greatest all-time capitalist fund-raiser, Obama. Moore does this while allegedly opposing capitalism. Michael Moore is confused in the same way that Hitler opposed “capitalism.” Hitler did not really have socialism to bring.

An astounding coincidence is that MIM had already encountered and written on Charles Graner, the prison guard pictured with Lynndie England in her Abu Ghraib scandals. Graner is the father of England’s son. In a country of 300 million people, this guy Charles Graner had already stood out with MIM, with a reputation as an oppressive prison guard in the United $tates, before departing for Iraq.

Michael Moore is getting in the way of the struggles stopping prison abuses, closing Gitmo, getting out of Afghanistan and advancing Asian-unAmerikkkan civil rights. Uh, that’s right Michael Moore, we did not see Obama lead the struggle out of Afghanistan. The British Conservative Party, Liberal Democratic Party and Labour Party are all more in favor of a timetable out of Afghanistan than Obama. Why do you suppose that is, Michael Moore?

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2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynndie_England


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