Healthcare for “illegal immigrants”

Obama claims his health plan does not provide healthcare for “illegal aliens.” That’s another reason to oppose liberal Democrats on healthcare. Democrats do not really deliver morally speaking. Democrats just want to make it look like they did something about healthcare, while all they really do is borrow money from China to take care of middle-class Amerikans.

Illegal aliens are at risk for TB and other infectious disease, because of poverty and government repression. Even legally residing Amerikans are getting sick because “illegal aliens” sometimes called migrant workers or migrant businesspeople or “undocumented workers” do not get healthcare and spread infectious disease.

We cannot expect a party representing 50%+1 of Amerikans to deliver on healthcare. The Amerikan majority is middle-class. The real solution is the joint dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations — a solution from the outside.



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