Daily update

1. Egypt’s semi-official press has turned critical of the Obama administration. “While the world thought Obama would champion justice, Israel has proven that his words are meaningless, writes Khaled Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem” is the subtitle of just one recent article.(1)

Palestinian leaders are not caving in to Obama’s demand for a photo-op at the UN later in September. Fatah is rightly holding out on the settlements question and others.

“Hamas castigated the ‘travesty otherwise known as the peace process,’ saying that the new settlement expansion plan proved that President Obama was losing his credibility in failing to get Israel to take the path of peace. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a statement to the press this week that, ‘the peace process is a term that only exists in the minds of those who wager on it while Israel continues to steal Palestinian land.'”(1)

Hamas mentioned a wager on I$rael while settlements are going on. This is an example where we have to take leadership from the Palestinians, because of contradictory messages and things going on as the imperialists always play both sides. MIM does not know all of what goes on on the ground.

Another Egyptian article points to Obama’s domestic difficulties.

2. Russian Prime Minister Putin rightly and publicly opposed the idea of an attack on Iran over the nuclear program there.(2) MIM reported yesterday about an ominous signal from I$rael which the Obama administration allowed.

3. We heard from Japan for years about northern Korean-held Japanese hostages. Northern Korea said they had been returned or dead. Japan kept complaining, but in the context of nuclear talks.

Now we learn there was a secret pact whereby the United $tates brought nuclear weapons to Japanese waters.(3) We never heard about that in the six-party talks related media before.

Maybe the United $tates can brew just a little less politically motivated hostility for nothern Korea today, now that we know the facts.

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2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8251531.stm
3. http://home.kyodo.co.jp/modules/fstStory/index.php?storyid=459345


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