The Kennedy-Gorbachev connection and the Republican-Democrat collaboration

The news about Van Jones the former “green jobs czar” calling himself a “communist”(1) proves everything MIM has been saying about the Obama counterrevolution. What kind of communist joins a government continuing wars on Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan while Palestine is under daily attack and blockade? It’s exactly as MIM said all along, that there are tons of phony communists here working for Ted Kennedy, for those just-in-case moments when the imperialists need a breath of fresh air for their wars.

In 2006, MIM told the whole world of the connection of Kennedy to the RCP=CIA, the phony communist organization serving counter-insurgency and the Democratic Party. We nailed it so bad for them that they sent a trio to deliver me a death threat in persyn. No other media outlet nailed it.

I have been right about many things, ranging from a demonstration that got a comrade’s head bashed in, to the permanence of Chinese state capitalism and no Cultural Revolution being in the air (1986), the oncoming Soviet recession (1987) and the current economic crisis. Yet, no matter how many times people see that I am right, they resist and turn to different leaders, because Amerikans are not combustible material politically and intellectually speaking.

Today, with accolades for the late Ted Kennedy still in the air, we learn that Gorbachev was the only Russian prior to 1994 ever allowed into a certain private room in the JFK Library.(2) MIM pointed out already that it was in the Gorbachev era that I was lynched, again by phony communists working in synch with Bush and Cheney, even then in Bush Sr. days.

The George W. Bush administration went down to political public opinion defeat, but the Obama-led counterrevolution was waiting in the wings. At the last second, the Kasama splinter it came from had to jettison some opposition to MIM lines in words, but no worry, because the “communists” are now carrying out the former words in deeds.

The comments from the Republicans in Congress let Obama off the hook in the Van Jones affair, upon the signal from Laura Bush. Obama is most afraid of my suing in connection to civil rights and employment law, thus compelling release of ugly truths about the Democratic campaign and lynching. By saying Van Jones is off-limits because of coarse activist language, the Republicans have given Obama an out. That way it’s not racial discrimination. The reason this is significant is that some lawyers believe that the most likely road to success for me to obtain the documents I need from the federal government would be through such a civil rights and employment case.

Newt Gingrich also took to defending Obama.(3) The recent Laura Bush nod to “respect” the president she says was due to Obama’s taking on many agenda items at once.(4)

The Bush administration was over-exposed. That’s why it was left to the Obama counterrevolution to shut down our website and drop unlimited insinuations from spy files into the media and cause difficulty for my business and persynal life. Just as we said, careerists like Van Jones made out well, not any communism, that’s for sure.

There’s nothing like a lynchmob to rally Congress for a goal. Obama proves his bona fides. The Republicans need Obama to cover their asses. What happens is that the New York Times threatens to uncover this or that which Republicans did in exchange for Republicans’ keeping quiet about Obama. Elections are supposed to function so that new blood is not politically encumbered, but as long as Republicans and Democrats agree to repress the third party people elections do not have to run the way they are supposed to. It remains to be seen whether courts will agree to major party collaboration in repression.

I say to Obama, just bring it. I’m sick of all the 24/7 gossip over decades of time. Put it down on paper and stop rehearsing your story. Then explain why you did not spy on my critics 24/7, because I have a lot more questions for you.



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