Daily update

1. Lebanon’s Druze leader Walid Jumblatt called for unity of the Arabs and Iranians.

“Until now all the weapons delivered to the Lebanese army were American weapons or weapons from the Arab world,” Jumblatt said.

“We need anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft weapons… I think we can find such weapons in Iran or in Russia or in China,” the leader of Lebanon’s Progressive Socialist Party added.

“… Americans are not really willing to provide us with such weapons. They will tell you these weapons will be used against Israelis. OK, but my enemy is Israel.”(1)

2. Joseph Stiglitz is the most cited Amerikan bourgeois economist. He has the Nobel Prize, but he says the U.$. banking system is still in trouble, even worse than before Lehman collapsed.(2) He said pressure on the United $tates would come from the G20.

3. Northern Korea is preparing for the possibility of a third nuclear test.(3)

4. The second highest vote getter in Afghanistan’s recent election just said:

“It’s worse than a crime, it’s treason,” he said, adding that Mr Karzai “doesn’t think about the country, he thinks only of himself. He has been caught red-handed.”

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Se also comments on GDP fetishism, which is the target of
bourgeois economics:
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