Security update

1. The “New York Times” was sending aesopian signals to my medical personnel in 2008 and has made aesopian admissions of obtaining information that way. It has also coordinated legal attacks against me.

2. Iran appears aware of the embassy-style warfare in my neighborhood recently and seems to be telling me I faced the same thing 20 years ago.

The messages match the content of others placed by the Strasserites/ “Satanic Reds” on the Internet.

There is an audible buzzing noise at times. The vibrations are very harmful to health.

2. ;

“but also life expectancy has improved dramatically, climbing from 46 to 77 years in men and from 50 to 81 years in women.

The causes of death have also changed. While respiratory, infectious and parasitic diseases were the major sources of death in the 1900s, cancer, heart disease and stroke were ranked the top three in 2001.”


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