Korea update

On September 11, the diplomatic and academic community of relevant Amerikans and Koreans met at Harvard University to discuss U.$.-$outhern Korea ties. The discussion covered the gamut of subjects from the U.$. troops in Korea, to northern Korea’s nuclear weapons to trade.

The evaluation of the northern Korean threat from the podium was that Kim Jong Il has already done “worse” than selling Al Qaeda a nuclear bomb, because Kim Jong Il sold Syria a whole nuclear reactor.

It’s an interesting sort of compliment, which the Amerikans called northern Korea’s “only achievement.” Recently, the Iranian press also entered into a friendly competition for most contributions to the struggle by claiming it was doing the most to rock the I$raelis in the Mideast, that the Iranian Revolution was doing the best job.

We agree with some of the $outhern Korean diplomats’ prognosis. MIM is heartened to see the new trade deal with India and now the first Italian presidential visit to $outhern Korea since establishing relations in 1884.



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