Daily update

1. The Saudi Foreign Minister has had successful spine surgery in the the United $tates.(1)

Meanwhile, the Saudis also published in the New York Times that they would not “pull a Sadat” until after I$rael returned Arab land.(2)

2. The United $tates will join the Europeans in meeting Iran October 1. That is new for the united $tates.(3)

3. There’s a lot of discussion of Netanyahu’s secret trip to Russia and its meaning. Here is an interesting tidbit:

“Our relations with France were at their zenith in the days of the Socialist government headed by Guy Mollet. Because of the shared aim of defeating the rebels in Algeria, Mollet’s France was giving us advanced weapons while the United States was dribbling limited defensive weaponry to us. At some stage Mollet suggested, and Ben-Gurion agreed, cooperation in what history remembers as a ‘conspiracy,’ in which England and France invaded Egypt.”(4)

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