A tale of two different approaches to unions

This week we see quite a difference in approach to unions.

The Bob Avakian/Kasama/Obama crew went to the unions to gain support for healthcare for oinkers by putting up tariffs on China’s tire exports and issuing a report on China’s alleged military threat.(1) They also curried favor with someone MIM purged but sent by the unions in the 1990s — for the usual ad hominem attack distraction reasons. It’s all about their line of seeing the national as decisive, instead of the international 90% against the 10% of international reactionaries. Again, it’s a situation where my own comrades did not believe me, but internationally action has already been taken.

This past month we also had the MIM approach with politics in command. MIM altered the political environment for opposition to the Afghanistan war these past few weeks.

Now in addition to the British stand previously reported, the Kanadian government has just gone public by saying it will be tough to continue beyond the currently expiring troop deployment in Afghanistan.(2)

This is significant because the Kanadian government had in fact been more obdurate than even the Bush or Obama regimes on Mideast questions. However, because MIM is independent of the Democratic Party, it is able to pass information and apply leadership that people inside the Democratic Party would not be allowed to. True internationalism is not possible any other way.

Even better and far more significant the British unions just announced a boycott of I$rael. The Trade Union Congress is organizing a boycott of I$raeli settler agriculture.(3) Also of note and very timely, Norway has coupled media attention to the global warming problem to divestment from I$rael.(4)

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