Now I’m being pig-baited again, and by whom, luminous Democrats working for the ruling party. What a joke on the face of it.

The timing of the accusations is wrong.

And what did we always teach, that you will know who is the real problem by who holds up the revolutionary work. All parties are infiltrated and no one did more to teach that and give specifics than me.

It was me doing the web work and distributing the papers both in prison and on the road.

Yet who was attacking the work?

  • Who in the late 1990s was denying the fascist and COINTELPRO activity of the Strasserites?

  • Why did people go on listening to Bob Avakian when he said I was trying to scare people away with talk of spies?

  • Why are people still believing the “New York Times” when it and its followers in Che-Libs insinuate that I am “paranoid”?

  • Who spread the rumors in the 1990s and 2000s that prevented the ACLU and National Lawyers Guild’s helping MIM?

    The fact is there was not a strategic level of support for the MIM sufficient to take on 200,000 spies (as recently admitted by spy chief Dennis Blair) and win everything. We won plenty though.

    If you were not the ones giving the money, distributing the papers, writing the articles etc., you don’t get to be the ones to complain about pig activity. If you were not there helping MIM rebuff the crap, you can’t have it both ways and pig-bait now.


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