Two sides: for and against lynching

There are only two sides in the current conflict, those for rewarding lynching and those for opposing it. Shutting down the MIM website is rewarding lynching, plain and simple — and it was backstabbing just like the original lynching it supported.

You either know what a third party infiltration gambit is or not. If not, by now you should have been able to make sense of it.

You either believe there should be independent media apart from the major parties or not. (Hint: if you are working with the RCP=CIA, you are working with people who believe “create public opinion; seize power” by which they mean “work the ole’ boys’ network, get a career.”)

You either believe people are criminally not tainted or partially tainted by informal accusations or not.

Race not fading in prisons and campaigns

In her September 17 column, Maureen Dowd said race is fading in the united $tates. We’ve already shown that imprisonment of oppressed nationalities within U.$. borders has increased several-fold since the 1950s Jim Crow days.

The oppressed nations bourgeoisie can go to U.$. restaurants now, but things are worse for the lumpen, which has grown, not as fast as Huey Newton predicted, but fast nonetheless.

Then there is the matter of lynching in campaigns. Willie Horton was a convicted murderer. No one could deny there had been “tough on crime” ads in campaigns in the prior decade either. There was a formal procedure for establishing Horton’s guilt, and yet the media found something off about using him in the 1988 presidential campaign. The ad campaign against Horton successfully rewarded its user.

Thereby emboldened in 2000, campaigners simply invented a racial mixing charge against John McCain and his adopted daughter. Although the attackers did not even get the continent of the daughter right, the gambit worked in South Carolina and rewarded the attackers, in full view of the media.

By 2008, we were ready to see if an even bolder lynching would be rewarded. In this case, we take someone with no formal procedure or chance to defend against evidence, fabricate a rape, season it and then use it 20 years later to justify attacks on the MIM during elections.

Our website is still down and the attackers helped elect the president. This reward for lynching points to a future of even bolder white supremacist attacks — since apparently just about anything will be tolerated as long as it’s white supremacist.

There are degrees. On the one extreme are the fabricators themselves and allied secret services. There are those who believed them unquestioningly for reasons ranging from political correctness codes that assist in tuition sales to more direct white supremacism.

There were those who reported they could no longer recruit for MIM, because of the psychological debilitation of a rumor — dupes of Fort Bragg-style psy-war. Instead of using the fact of a lynching to prove the nature of what is wrong with society, we have those who are susceptible to backstabbing.

And then, there are those who were sucked in to one degree or another and are now fighting back. Rumor has it a number of Jews in MIM circles have seen the light and are fighting hard. There are also those in cultural circles apart from the MIM who can see what is happening.

The attack on the MIM website was predictable, because of foreshadowing. The local party unit was not informed when the website’s hardware was physically moved. I informed the CC about that. We only found out when I the national level comrade inquired about the website location and possibilities of work. It was only another step from there to shutting it down to benefit the Democratic Party.

Behind this shutdown stand the “New York Times” and “” in addition to the usual Obamautons of course. The “Che Libs” never achieved as many readers as MIM’s website, despite its hodge-podge Liberal approach. Its jealousy was obvious and the international united front should rebuff the active lynchmob leaders there in order to help me restore the website. It can be done with ease.

In all of this, the rest of the world is far, far ahead of the Amerikans. The international 90/10 is decisive. The vacillations and burn-out in former MIM party circles is further proof.


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