Amerika desperately attacks oppressed nations

This week we have seen a desperate escalation of attacks on the oppressed nations by the United $tates.

  • Obama demanded that Palestinians negotiate “without preconditions” with I$rael, which means without substantial seriousness, just to cover Amerikan political rear-end.(1)
  • The United $tates issued a secretive “terrorist” warning about South Africa(2) in retaliation for its stand on Palestine.

    We live in a time when the United $tates is just too far off to be treated with other than a rebuke. What we see now is a flare-up of imperialist decadence. The international united front should stay on course and ignore the mad ravings of the Amerikkkan lynch-mob. The rulers will attempt to blame any and all for their wars.

    For myself, I stay on course: 1) the principal contradiction is between oppressed nations and imperialism. 2) the principal task is the creation of public opinion and the independent institutions of the oppressed to seize power. Some others should be asking themselves why they changed if I haven’t. The downing of the MIM website has already cost the world 2 million user-readings or downloads of MIM articles in nine months.



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