Daily update

1. The Fatah website said Abbas and Netanyahu had a “civil” meeting despite apparent disagreements.(1)
Netanyahu said they were meeting without preconditions.(2) The Fatah website reported that without comment.(3)

2. Eric Holder says a new policy on “state secrets” doctrine will go into effect October 1.(4)

3. Seven ex-CIA chiefs joined the Republicans in asking the Obama administration to abort the investigation of the CIA for torture.(5)

4. Southern Korea suggested a “grand bargain” for northern Korea,(6) and I$rael’s Barak told the United $tates to focus on Korea before Iran.(7)

5. Lawyers say Gitmo situation is still twisted just as under Bush Jr., (8) no surprise to those of us who read MIM on the subject of political entanglements.

6. Alistair Crooke is ex-MI6, a British spy. Here’s a story about what he’s doing about Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.(9)

7. A writer in the Egyptian press says: “To sum up, Israel could not care less for African welfare. But it will use the Africans to stab Egypt, and Sudan, in the back.”(10)

8. Ousted Honduran president Zelaya has noted embassy-style warfare against him.(11) This is occurring at the same time as it is occurring against me, by ultra-partisans of the Democratic Party and the mafia.

9. Palestinian Fatah leader Abbas has referred to I$rael as the “last occupation regime” in the world and added that time is running out for a peace agreement.(12)

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