Who stands in the way again: Afghanistan

Turmoil brews in Britain over the political bullshit of the U.$. Democrats and Republicans. Now Major-General Andrew Mackay has resigned and the media predicts more to come.

Yet at this time, who is in the way of the work MIM has done to destroy the myths connected to the Afghanistan war? Who is determined to ruin my persynal reputation bourgeois-politics, persynality-cult style, in some cases even while saying they don’t? Who has spent the last five years trying to play a career card at the expense of thousands dead in imperialist wars in the Mideast?

It is the very same people who did not see the financial crisis coming, because they believed that Amerikan class struggle was principal or maybe the womyn question. Instead of admitting their role working with Strasserite fascists over years of time, they lie and go deeper into revisionist cover.

Know the counterrevolutionaries by the role they play in holding back the struggle. Let them come out in the open instead of working through racist channels. Let them take action on behalf of the international united front instead of always working as obstacles to the real revolutionary struggle of the Third World.



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