Me in the imperialist class again?

Because of some Third World websites I respect as having some interests apart from U.$. imperialism, I’m going to admit that there appears to be some discussion of reintroducing me into the imperialist class. I have also noted a number of global actions pointing in that direction.

There are risks of reintroducing me into the imperialist class, but there are also risks of not taking me. I sympathize with the diplomats while I maintain some of my positions that make their life difficult.

I’ll be writing a review of Harvard discussion this weekend of Isaiah Berlin later, but suffice it to say that the upper reaches of the bourgeois superstructure have been on display. People such as myself are conceived of as window-dressing for Liberalism. We are to be used to re-stabilize the system. This is only conceivable as up for discussion because I myself do not see colonialism in the category of other problems.

There is fretting about my reconciling with enemies and there is paternalism out there regarding my best interests. The question is whether this topic is worse than the alternative courses of action that are going to happen.

All I can say is what will it be next time, a race riot to elect Biden or Romney? I think Arab and Muslim people inside U.$. borders more than anyone have to have a sense that you don’t keep pushing this envelope and rewarding certain things. Ironically, Amerikan Jews also have to have a substantial degree of this concern, if not 100% of my level of concern, then at least 20% which is still very high.


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