Repartition of I$rael coming?

In recognizing a “Jewish state,” Obama may be right that the Palestinians and I$raelis should talk about issues they don’t usually talk about.

Specifically, if I$rael were to accept withdrawal to the 1967 lines, plus 20% of the remaining territory, plus maybe another 2% for refugees in Lebanon for a total of 1967 plus 22%, I believe Palestinians should recognize a serious offer and ask the Amerikans and Brits to take in some refugees and bribe off the rest, $20,000 a year for a family of four.

I recognize that another serious consideration would be splitting all the territory roughly in half in line with demographic realities and maybe even leaving I$rael with the minority of overall territory. I won’t say I’m opposed to that idea of a two-state solution, but if I$rael offers 1967 plus 22%, I see that as within range of what should be acceptable for recognition of a “Jewish state,” a certain minimum offer, which if made I see as putting Palestinians in a position of responding. When I say “Jewish state” here, I mean with the internal Arab-I$raeli minority placed in the new Palestinian state.

Because I don’t really believe in a two-state solution strategically since I’m interested in the dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations generally, I raise this point more in terms of destabilizing my own chances of going into the imperialist class. I think if I$rael makes such an offer, there is no need or point of reinstalling me into the imperialist class. I think such an offer by itself should calm Palestinians considerably.



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