Speaking of museums

Again, I can’t take any blame for stuff being raised in the old boys’ network. I can’t even keep up with the blizzard of Aesopian material.

I have always been direct. In the now infamous “coupon” incident, I got along with the majority of people, believe it or not. So we should not stereotype me. In fact, I wrote a love letter years later to one of the people involved. I distinguish between people who struggle to your face and backstabbing. In fact, my success in winning over the majority in the coupon incident should give you insight into what I was hoping for others, who it turns out, never struggled.

Regarding another matter, if people want to reprocess a certain problem, then they should go back to the summer of 2008 and think what it looked like to me. Someone was talking about dissidents being killed. And think about the employment background and professional skills involved. In the following topic, I thought I saw someone taking responsibility for a hit. That turned out wrong, but boy what timing, and again, another example of why the racist power structure’s means of communicating even when fully utilized is disastrous. It just so happened a bad coincidence happened in the summer of 2008 thanks to the Aesopian way of communicating. It was my mistake, but I can’t take the blame, neither for the mode of communication nor the fact that people with hidden lethal motives were in fact participating.

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