Jesse Jackson, not Obama; Howard Dean, not Avakian

For the U.$. press, the main defense of anything Obama does is that he is Black. However, if the Congress wanted, Jesse Jackson could be president, and he has a more in-depth resume on civil rights.

In other words, Democrats cannot escape all wrongdoing just by playing the race card. They can put in Jackson, so they should always use their critical abilities. There is no reason to retreat into overlooking war crimes and colonialism just because Obama is Black.

And you already have it from me that there is no defense of identities like mine where they exist only because of an imperialist war on Korea. I’m not right because of my identity, and nor is MIM correct because its foundation was a majority female and majority oppressed nationlity. We do not stress those facts lately both for reasons of opposing identity politics and because at this time through no fault of its own, MIM has to blow the whistle on rewarding racism with power. Through no fault of our own we have become intertwined into White House politics where the stakes are higher than in just discussing the identities of our founding members. No one is going to see any rewards one way or another in founding the MIM, but obviously when one is talking about the White House, one has to be wary of reward patterns.

Years ago we told the pseudo-Maoists following Avakian that their real chair was Howard Dean and he was better than Avakian. The reason is that Howard Dean is an in-the-open bourgeois.

We still believe Howard Dean is better than Avakian. This again is another way of demonstrating that different issues should not be confused. People who like Democrats should be Democrats. We Maoists should not let them confuse us and the international united front via infiltration.

We’ve already shown that the closing of Gitmo and the Afghanistan war are connected up with political wrongdoing among elites. For that matter, if there is a CIA torture case to prosecute, one has to consider how the political liabilities of the White House may set that back as well.



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