Mideast update

Hamas has called for the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) to meet regarding sacred relics in Jerusalem. There has been a provocation regarding the relics similar to what triggered the second rebellion of Palestinians known as the “Intifada.”(1)

Maybe the OIC can trade recognition of a “Jewish state” for the relics and a repartition of I$rael.

Meanwhile, on the 28th the French expressed interest in stabilizing Lebanon. Perhaps they will offer to take in those Palestinians there.(2) That would be a good way to go too.

Obama has said that Mideast envoy George Mitchell will report back to him on October 15th.(3)

In other news regarding I$rael, Britain has put off arresting Ehud Barak, the I$raeli Defense Minister for his role in the Gaza invasion, “Operation Cast Lead” that killed over 1000 Palestinians.(4) This reminds me of how my archenemies have at least metaphorically gone to Interpol with the hopes of tarnishing my individual reputation with fabrications. The imperialist system never had better friends than these archenemies of mine: they’re pigs contrary to what they try to pass themselves off as; yet the crime that needs to be put a stop to is conspiracy against civil rights. No one should make concessions to my enemies on my behalf.

In other philistine news, just when the Saudis are serving as the backbone of Arab solidarity with the Palestinians, just when the Foreign Minister had successful spine surgery and just when racist Democrats are clamoring to beat back the Arabs on I$rael’s behalf, a worker sued the Saudi Foreign Minister for more pay.(5) It seems like something the left-wing of parasitism would do to pressure the Saudis for I$rael and its an example again of why one needs the MIM line to priortize more important class struggles over others. We hope the suit ends soon.

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