Retreat from responsibility

Probably the best job if you can get it is just being cute. Then one need not have responsibility or authority. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston can manage the good life without power or responsibility.

The second possibility that is much more common is responsibility but no authority. People who pay taxes into the U.$. military machine often do not take much interest in politics and usually have no authority. Furthermore, some are “disempowered.”

The third dysfunctional or non-functional possibility is no responsibility, just authority. Herein lies the oppression of the ole’ boys’ network.

For centuries men have governed and interacted internationally. With that has gone the risk of war and imprisonment as well as a sense of commerce and diplomacy.

Less obvious is whether there is a feminist philosophy in the West that manages the transition to authority. We often see a retreat from authority or a retreat from responsibility.

When I passed out flyers in Harvard Square for a penny per flyer as a youth, I often had a reaction from people walking right through the main commerce zone as if it should be illegal. One wonders if these people have ever really thought about the implicit nature of the privilege of dealing with the public.

A similar phenomenon came with sending Jessica Lynch into combat. She went in with equal authority to other soldiers but when it came down to it, a large portion of the public could not take the responsibility she was bearing. When it came down to it, there was a double standard for soldiers.

The retreat from responsibility is dysfunctional. It is as if half-way into wimmin’s liberation, wimmin turn back, leaving wimmin’s liberation still-born. And the effect of this will be seen globally, not as dysfunction, but Amerikkkkan nationalism.

There are those who say we at MIM should be as unaccountable as our arch-enemies. They in effect say it is better to join the oppressive power structure. Yet there have been many examples of men who take responsibility, not just authority.

Soldiers, spies and even just post-modernists who reserve the right to lynch (make up stories) in an explosive situation need to take responsibility for their actions. We will find in the end that MIM opposed the imperialist wars, while our critics did not as they sabotaged the struggle.


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