Maybe they don’t get it

I can see the media has not figured out what has happened here.

It is not hidden that not just my friends are being threatened, but I have received direct physical damage, which for those who are not squeamish, I’m willing to demonstrate in persyn, right now. It feels like I have been kicked between the legs. Sheesh. Why can’t anybody be discreet anymore? Why does everything have to be spelled out even when it is OBVIOUS? And what the hell did they think the fish references were originally last decade anyway? OK, but it’s been done again, and it hurts.

This threat was made across the Internet and carried out against me. I have a very hard time believing that with all the surveillance, someone in the federal government does not already know. It’s like I said, lifting the surveillance would only be to allow mafia activity against me.

With all the moronic things being said, I just looked up what the government has to say. That’s the position of one website below. It does not mean there is not a criminal conspiracy to violate civil rights, which I discussed in the previous article. My critics have no leg to stand on.

“What are the differences between a civil and a criminal civil rights violation?

“A. A criminal violation requires the use or threat of force.”


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