Artists and senior citizens have stepped it up

In discussing those specifically knowledgeable of spies opposing me, I did not mean to say that all the pre-scientific intelligentsia has sided with the counter-revolutionary spies. In fact, another response has also occurred, which includes films and novels.

To characterize the division, it’s been, “oh, and we’ve got story-tellers too!” There is a whole detailed novel out, and among other things it argues as I have that raising the drug or alcohol problems of my lynchers is a way for racist counter-revolutionaries to absolve themselves, and is neither here nor there in the important issues at hand.

Another story-teller has added that she cannot get enough of this struggle.

Additionally, some philosophers and historians have tried to side with us in a pre-scientific way.

Lastly, I would like to admit that I have leaned heavily on senior citizens at a distance — people who are not bamboozled and also take brave risks in their political postures. While some younger people are guarding their careers and physical safety, some older people are diving into an exciting struggle.

In the end, the pre-scientific intelligentsia so aptly organized by the CIA’s Cold War strategy produces division. The hydra-headed strategy of the CIA is well encapsulated by Avakian’s “elasticity” thesis.

By contrast, the proletariat is a vehicle that requires a path to go down, which does not mean there are not many paths to another location, only that the proletariat is at a disadvantage in one-on-one struggle and must choose a path to force its way through in unity. To find this path requires a body of scientific intellectuals we call the party.

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