Career update

I’d like to reiterate that there is no truth to the rumors concerning elected or appointed office for me. These insinuations occur for a complex set of political and legal reasons.

A number of countries are starting to catch up with what my legal situation is. Nonetheless, for the foreseeable future, I am the most knowledgeable of my own situation.

There are 1) real reasons, 2) warmongering reasons and 3) careerist reasons why I receive flattery of various sorts from the System. The international united front should trust me that there is no major prospect of a political career.

Yes, technically, there is a very difficult path that the imperialists could choose to go down. Probably there always is, but we should not substitute wishful thinking for reality. It just dupes some people.

The imperialists can trade change for political considerations, much as they prefer to talk about individual careers. I continue to work for the international united front and hope always to bring new cards to the table.

The strategy we follow is still the same long-term anti-Amerikkkan public opinion strategy. I have seen many indications in the world including some imperialist countries, that there is interest in independent media to hold the U.$. media accountable. The diplomatic strategy should work off that and discount all rumblings of a career for me.

The basic problem is that colonialism is much more solvable than the Amerikkkan racism I am embedded in. The aggressive white nationalist extremists here simply fabricate an incident, get caught and then make up another, again and again in full view of the fatuous and the consciously racist. There is a long record of these accusations sticking on me. However, there is also a long global record of colonialism ending, so there is dialectical unevenness.

The latest from Fatah is that even it does not trust the Obama administration now.

“‘All hopes placed in the new US administration and President Obama have evaporated,’ said the document, which was leaked to the Associated Press news agency.

“It said Barack Obama ‘couldn’t withstand the pressure of the Zionist lobby, which led to a retreat from his previous positions on halting settlement construction and defining an agenda for the negotiations and peace’.

“The document, dated Monday, came from an office led by Mohammed Ghneim, a Fatah hardliner and the party’s number two, who returned to the West Bank only this year after many years in exile. He was long a critic of the Oslo accords of the mid-1990s, arguing they gave too much to the Israelis.”(1)

It’s not for me to judge whether the Palestinians should unify, because I don’t know the situation on the ground, what may or may not have been done secretly.

I have been in good health here in some aspects. In August I put in days of 7,000 meters swimming, 10 miles running and some additional stairstepping and walking — all in the same day. I point this out because of various threats.

Though I have been recently disfigured, outlooks on other aspects of life have stabilized.

There have been some astounding struggles on behalf of my career both inside and outside the United $tates. I do not wish to appear oblivious.

Nonetheless, recently, Newt Gingrich gave a talk titled “A Tripartisan Majority for Change.” It is in that direction we should look, tradeoffs among the various actors. A positive sign would be return to me of my website, as its downing continues to have negative implications for diplomacy and international politics.

Whether or not I have the political capital sufficient to support a peace process or not will be up to others. I certainly see reasons why it seems unlikely the United $tates has what it takes.

The exploited are the majority of economic actors in the international united front, but the majority of political actors are the national bourgeoisie of the oppressed nations. For this reason we have some confusion in the international united front. By some measures we can even say the preponderance of political actors in the international united front is composed of double-dealers. Those more easily aligned with MIM are those representing larger shares of exploited people.



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