The Cuba non-story and Gitmo

The New York Times just ran a non-story on Cuba, the CIA, anti-Castro exiles from Cuba and the assassin of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald. According to the New York Times, the CIA does not release documents it has on Cuba, even from way back in 1963, way past de-classification deadlines.

There is much speculation on the Internet that Kennedy and Castro were trying to kill each other after the Cuban Missile Crisis, but Ted Kennedy’s memoirs True Compass say no such thing.

First, Edward (Ted) Kennedy explained the Bay of Pigs invasion:

“Indeed, when our nation was faced with the Cuban Missile Crisis and the prospect of nuclear annihilation just eighteen months later, my brother’s experience with the Bay of Pigs disaster did end up being one of the best things that ever happened to him–and to the country.”

The late Ted Kennedy did not explain that John F. Kennedy secretly authorized the removal of U.$. missiles from Turkey in exchange for the pullout of Soviet missiles from Cuba. However, speaking to us from the grave, Ted Kennedy did admit that John F. Kennedy did go forward afterwards with a promise of no invasion:

“The United States, he assured Cubans, had ‘no wish to cause you to suffer or to impose any system upon you.'”(2)

As MIM pointed out before, Mao at that time was having his press criticize the Peace Corps and other specific ideas of Kennedy’s. Castro by contrast was headed into Democratic Party orbit.

And Favorite Son of Cuba, Fidel Castro votes 156 delegates for Ted Kennedy! Whooppeeee! (1980)

And Favorite Son of Cuba, Fidel Castro hands over the entire delegation of 169 delegates to vote for Barack Obama! (2008)

Those were jokes about Democratic Party nominating conventions.

I’m all in favor of Castro’s having more U.$. citizenship rights than me if anyone can think of a good reason. Racism is not one of them and Castro has admitted in a recent column to self-identifying as white.

As I see it, Castro has the right to endorse Obama and slander me, but I don’t have the right to know what is in the CIA files in terms of cooperation with Cuban intelligence. Castro knows this, but I’m not allowed the documents. What is wrong with this picture? It seems that via higher ruling class status, Castro is a better Democrat and gets more respect than those of us who have been lynched.

On another score, contrary to innuendo, there are documents including those explaining the difference between a Royal Flush and a simulation Royal Flush. Obviously, the one is more common than the other. No matter what, we are talking about at least a Full House.

Whether Gordon England’s biography is one thing or another is only relevant up to a certain point. If using Willie Horton was wrong, then a Full House is wrong too. If Democrats complained about Bush Jr.’s push polls in South Carolina in 2000, then my situation is a factor of 10 or 100 worse. The push poll did not depend on an actual fact of biography.

I don’t see how the government avoids our FOIA or how defense attorneys for Gitmo don’t have a right to all the relevant documents, including about conspiracy to defraud the united $tates and past similar instances. How can the defense attorneys do their job without that?

Again, I don’t think I would have to be explaining any of that if there were not double, triple and quadruple standards in this country already.

2. Edward Kennedy, True Compass: A Memoir (NY: Twelve, 2009), pp. 188-9.


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