Those cagey British

Those cagey British–what are they doing now? We have heard from MI5 twice in recent days.

The “Guardian” reported that British military intelligence MI5 had Mussolini on payroll during World War I.(1) This report shows that before there was a CIA, the MI5 practiced the hydra-headed Liberal strategy so difficult for us communists to oppose without a critical mass of intellectuals on the same path.

Then we heard MI5 defend the CIA for forestalling many deaths through their interrogations of Muslim prisoners.(2)

Now we have odd reports that the British are flying Taliban to fight in Pakistan.(3)

MI5 is accountable the article stresses.
“To witness torture and act the ostrich is a criminal offence, which explains why the Metropolitan police are currently investigating the actions of the security services in at least two cases. This is a failure in leadership, more than of the agents in the field.”



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