The tooth fairy economy

So Bono believes Obama promises to eliminate all child poverty in the world according to his New York Times editorial.(1) Herbert and Krugman at the New York Times keep calling for more jobs stimulus money; all partisan Democrats call for a healthcare program which they admit will be just a start of spending and now the Non-Aligned Countries (G77) of the Third World are calling for First World reparations for climate change.

“The European Union is working on measures to provide up to 15 billion euros ($22.4 billion) a year to poor countries by 2020 as part of a global donation of around 100 billion. But no other rich regions have put offers on the table.”(2)

It’s pretty easy to run politics just by promising billions of dollars to everyone and hoping no one notices if the money is not delivered.

There is no reason the United $tates should borrow money from China to please Bono with a vision of progressive empire. The United $tates should look at what it has the capacity to do and it’s obvious that social-democrats and liberal Democrats are the most likely to wreck the chances for a real global climate change deal — simply because they answer to labor aristocracy constituencies and do not know how to do otherwise.

The global climate responsibility to be taken up by the United $tates is necessary for political reasons. Yet instead of putting focus on that, the liberal Democrats are continuing their pattern of wild irresponsibility — conducive to white nationalist extremists and big-spending deluded optimists of empire alike.

As a California senator has already pointed out, there was never anything preventing any president from making any negotiations at any international forum. Treaties have always been ratified by the Senate, afterwards. Anyone believing otherwise (Huffington Post, CNN) and getting hyped to release pornographic videos of me as the bogey-man need to check their racism at the door. They have joined the backstabbing crowd.

There is nothing in the G77 demands that a Biden or Jesse Jackson could not address as president.


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