In my opinion, the Middle East situation cannot be pressured via leverage at this moment. What is required is trust.

Here we have learned that pornographic cards will be met with pornographic cards. Apologies to the East — that’s how it is in the West as they can guess out there in the East and those aspects should be kept separate from the East.

Yet some less pornographic or non-pornographic cards should find their way to the East–cards involving the conditions of non-Amerikans, especially non-Amerikan prisoners. If someone wants to sell you a new entertainment center/home theater and brings by a video of “Wild Kingdom” to show, we know the video is a freebie intended to facilitate sale of the home theater. If SEARS does not deliver the home theater, the customer will keep the video and dispose as customer sees fit. If SEARS delivers the home theater, then SEARS can ask for the video back. The transaction has an element of trust by SEARS to the customer.

If the home theater comes through, everything is hunky-dory.

So sometimes SEARS does not hog all its videos to itself.


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