I appreciate that a fourth party stepped into the three-way to make it more attractive. That was good action. The rest of us should emulate to be sure that it is attractive where it counts.

Hey, that Pilgrim’s Progress must be an interesting book:

“Christian, an everyman character, is the protagonist of the allegory, which centres itself in his journey from his hometown, the ‘City of Destruction’ (‘this world’), to the ‘Celestial City’ (‘that which is to come’: Heaven) atop Mt. Zion. Christian finds himself weighed down by a great burden, the knowledge of his sin, which he believed came from his reading ‘the book in his hand,’ (the Bible). This burden, which would cause him to sink into Tophet (hell), is Christian’s acute, immediate concern that impels him to the crisis of what to do for deliverance. ”

Some people apparently are not paying attention to what they are being told. I can’t go and spell everything out. It’s ridiculous that some people think they know better than I do in this situation to start with.

To international revisionism, this current round of consultation has reached its profitable end. I can afford technical outages, but I cannot afford political misinterpretation. Politics must be in command and I ask what was so bad about what I was doing before? We were doing fine, but my pace of work has slacked and every day the enemy adds more straws on my back via conspiracies, of course given what is at stake. I would hope international revisionism would understand that it has a greater interest in my success than the ACLU, Democrats and their secret societies dragging me down.

I encourage international revisionism to look at what happened to John Kerry. Only a tiny minority of veterans did not vouch for his story.

So it is with my story. A majority of youth did not believe the lynch-mob rumors at the time, but there were varying degrees of paralysis and there was certainly a die-hard minority of white nationalist extremists. There are bound to be more white nationalist extremists in my case than there were veterans denying Kerry’s war credentials. That goes even if the main character has been bought off against my wishes. This was not a private affair. It was publicized at the time and people took sides. There are also more moderate but stupid racists as even the “New York Times” has just figured out. Hence, please conclude that your request for me to become a candidate is unreasonable, not to mention that my communism has been in public and is also subject to Swift Boating.

Even if you were right in this question and I am wrong, there are worse things than disagreement over this question. I am being pushed in a sectarian direction, when I am naturally inclined along the lines of Islamic Jihad’s strategic thinking anyway. I would like to continue supporting the broadest international united front in line with the maturity of geopolitical forces that has been achieved, but I need a few small acts of reciprocity so I can deliver larger cards. And do not think that I will be waiting 50 days. What I do right now will shape the next few months.

Some people used to having my spelling out everything need to learn that I cannot do that in the current context. Part of the problem is that people failed to understand why we stay in vanguard parties and do not try to shape them from outside. A fourth party has made an attractive contribution that would not be possible if I spelled everything out. That’s very typical, but I’m not going to expose other actors not under my discipline for the benefit of fundamentally undisciplined people.

I see contributions from two out of four parties. We await two reciprocal actions.

In addition to the four-way there is also other horse-trading awaiting this important deal. In my opinion, the general atmosphere is positive. Important people show positive understanding of all the interconnections. The understanding is there, but the willingness of two recalcitrant Amerikan actors is in question. Of those two, a lawyer for one is criticizing the other and has been doing so at least publicly for some time. So things are close. I hope a word from international revisionism might push things over the top. If such a word does not push things over the top, the reason will be covert backstabbing double-dealing as usual, and of course, that always pushes in a sectarian direction. If pushed in a sectarian direction, I am sure there will be some united front with MIM left over. It just won’t be as broad as it could have been.



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