Not acceding to Japan’s request to re-negotiate the military bases is Jacobin.

I myself am not sure whether it is better to get rid of the bases or see the end of capitalism sooner. It’s one of those incalculable questions–but as long as everyone knows that’s what is going on.

With Japan’s role in financing the international capitalist system, obviously there is a suicidal element in the U.$. capitalist class.

Regarding N. Korea, I believe there is nothing I can do, because of the drawbacks of my employing the full tactical benefits of Jacobin strategy. Some other day there will be a U.$.-based Korean who can take advantage of identity politics and put an end to certain problems here.

In my opinion, if the Amerikans had any brains, they would know that renegotiating the bases in Japan contributes to the Six Party talks and makes the Koreans more amenable. Then again, like I said, it’s probably good there is a suicidal element in capitalism.

MIM unconditionally opposes U.$. militarism, including even in other imperialist countries like Japan. As for guff Asian leaders are reportedly taking about the U.$. healthcare problem, I would not touch that with a ten foot pole. Don’t listen.


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