Dealing with fascists: remembering the real 90/10

It’s only of middling importance, but in the late 1990s and early 2000s I had a run-in with a Strasserite (Strasser was Hitler’s number two for a while) and some Satanists. From our vantage point in 2009, that discussion is really only a pointer to other things. The key events were in the 1989-1991 period and 2008.

My main lyncher is rumored to be Buddhist-influenced now. There were indications of that given to me in the late 1990s as well. A poster up at Harvard pretty much exactly sums up how I see that: “Compassion is the private property of the rich” or maybe it was “compassion is the property of the privileged classes.”

In any case, we now have the question how to handle Strasserite influence. The British ran a poll and in trying to pin down the BNP, they found that 22% of Brits are seriously considering voting for that racist and Islamophobic party.(1)

Because the Strasserite talked about Masons and Satanists, the whole discussion comes off like a joke and there has been a real effect of this in helping to deny lynching. It’s important to remember that fascists generally do not have intellectually serious stuff they are trying to dribble out. When they get in a jam in an early organizing stage, clowning is perfectly good. There was the whole Beer Hall Putsch.(2)

The question arises whether I want to be responsible for giving attention to neo-Nazis the way BBC has by interviewing the BNP. It seems the BNP got a poll boost from journalist attacks on it. That is true, but only relevant to the domestic balance of forces inside imperialist countries, not what we call the global 90 percent of exploited or oppressed versus the 10% of exploiters, a plurality of whom are Amerikans.

In the international scheme, BBC’s readers are not all imperialist country citizens. It is a good thing for the international proletariat to know that the BNP is seriously considered by British labor aristocracy voters. That way the international proletariat is less inclined to wait for the Brits to “wake up” for communism. So it was maybe a local sacrifice that BBC made to awaken the true main force of progressive change in the world, the international proletariat and its ally the oppressed nation bourgeoisie.

There continue to be those who believe it does not matter whether MIM is correct or the Avakianite quacks. So instead of governing right now, Obama is in campaign mode as if he had a progressive white proletariat in the united $tates about to overcome false consciousness. CNN is abetting him by running polls on the public option detached from the price tag and success rate of health insurance coverage. Obama also talks this way about climate change.(3)

Exploitation is not an academic question. On a daily basis we should make totally opposite decisions based on whether we believe there is an exploited majority within U.$. borders or not. Then there is also the global aspect, which MIM says is decisive. The BBC only awakened voters to an actor without state power. In the U.$. case nothing can be done about the fact that white nationalist extremism helped elect a president. That means fascist influence has shown up in the state and that is much more serious than what we are talking about with the BNP.

The enemy threatens new humiliations against me on a daily basis. It has conspired in fact to create many humiliations. These little sleazy tricks of politicians impress Amerikkkans but not the world’s majority. If the combination of a U.$. media stuck in a past designed for lynching and the fascists in denial of being white exploiter supporters humiliate me locally, it does not mean they will gain from that globally. Even if my federal lawsuit fails completely, the international proletariat will not buy what the lynchers and colonialists have to say.



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