Democratic Party credibility and the

Democratic Party credibility is low when it comes to the reasons my website went down.

Today we see that Senator John McCain has staked out a position opposite of the FCC on Internet neutrality. McCain is defending the old rules.

First, there is no monetary issue with the old MIM website, because Amazon had long ago ceased sending us money. They were unable to deposit money in our accounts and lost them outright and did not enable changes. So the money issue was irrelevant. There was legacy software that made it appear MIM was getting money from its website, but that had not been true for years.

If the media wants to debate whether Fox News etc. should be able to put gambling on their websites, then fine. That’s no explanation for why I have not received what I asked for. In the meantime, I need clarity while McCain and the FCC duke it out.

Secondly, the Democratic Party lacks credibility because of its hydra-headed counterrevolutionary faction intersecting with MIM. Mao’s adage about “be above-board” has never sunk in with these people: “The Communists disdain to conceal their views,” said Engels. Backstabbing is very central to the whole problem.

Thirdly, it was obvious the Democrats were the beneficiaries of shutting down our website at that time to quell discussion of lynching, and as MIM had predicted in its “What’s New?” months in advance. If the Republicans helped it was only a conspiracy of the two major parties to help the Democrats.

Fourthly, it is the Democrats making the 90% of patronizing arguments why I should not go back to being webmaster. They told lies about electoral office opportunities and other System roles I could take up. I told them in contrast that I have been privately videotaped in communist activity. Sure, even if the major corporations would hold those videotapes in reserve blackmail, there would be issue organizations that could find the videotapes and also a persyn or two (not even the main people involved) unwilling to let go of their role in lynching. There has never been a writer and publicly controversial persyn like me that made it into mainstream politics–from the Left. David Duke made it because he was always closer to the Amerikkkan mainstream.

The fact of my being unmarketable as a candidate is apart from the fact that it would be on account of coercion that I would be going into electoral politics, a bad example for the future. There may also come a day when the Amerikan population will wish it did not water down all its communist leaders to fit into the Democratic Party, but we are not there yet. If I thought I could run as a MIMist, I would do it, so let’s be clear we are all talking about something not “aboveboard”: I gave the media a chance to do things in an aboveboard way and the System did not manage it, just to prove that I am right.

Finally, if the Democrats were not the source of the problem, I would have been granted my request. Then I would have discovered that it was John McCain blocking me. I was also not given the chance to try in another country to see if the alleged long arms could reach there.

It’s fine if people want to have an argument of principle using the MIM website as an example, but it’s not the practical argument we want to have at this time. This issue can be resolved in 10 minutes, after which future problems can be blamed on the West in general. Politics have to be in command in clouded usurpation situations.

The international proletariat does not expect me to win every battle here, but it’s right for it to wonder how I let that website just go down without a battle, especially when I’m getting so much support from the international united front. Let’s stop with the patronizing arguments from people who do not know the law as well as I do anyway. If I lose some subsequent battle, that can be learned from more clearly. The possibility of future lost battles is not a reason to cloud the situation now.


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