Corrections for story-tellers who have me under surveillance

There are some professional story-tellers barking at me, so I will admit the following.

1. Milliken, Romney, I got them confused.

2. There are two China researchers with the same name, only one of which I corresponded with, and neither of which I ever met in the flesh. So I don’t really know who I corresponded with. If you say I am wrong, I’m wrong. This is separate from bibliographic errors I made.

3. A Harvard tour-guide had told me Ted Kennedy dropped out. That was an exaggeration as I gather from True Compass.

4. A little of a complaint from me to you — I didn’t care about credit courses. I was told that I attended something new in Harvard history. I attended many non-credit seminars that shaped my life.

5. My biggest complaint is that as of now, the majority of writers are still fooled. A minority of the minority probably knows what I read, when and how I copied it in what I did. Reading about COINTELPRO and the Black Panthers is not enough and I didn’t realize what I had failed to communicate to the party until way after I was lynched.

I’m listening and I do have an idea when I could be off, but I still say your job is impossible.



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