What is “progressive”? Lashes, shotguns and Congregationalism

Saudi Arabia just sentenced a female to 60 lashes for her journalistic work on a male bragging about his sex life.(1) The male received a sentence of five years prison and 1000 lashes, but the female sentence was CNN’s lead story.

“Abdul Jawad, a 32-year-old airline employee and divorced father of four, spoke openly about his sexual escapades, his love of sex and losing his virginity at age 14 on ‘A Thick Red Line.'”(1)

Meanwhile, I had just got done talking about how Amerikans brag about their sex lives in my review of gender in Michael J. Sandel’s book.
I argued that most of what we see on gender in the United $tates is really defense of sex for its own sake.

With 40% of births out of wedlock here and the other 60% not necessarily occurring without premarital or extramarital sex, MIM has said the procreation-centered family argument has only served as a weird sort of driftwood, an argument from ancient history unmoored from its social context and now serving only as a basis of intra-bourgeois discrimination against gays and lesbians or to be used selectively in racial contexts.

I had just got done saying Amerikans don’t even understand the underlying reasons for procreation-centered family anymore because they are too rich when http://www.anncoulter.com relayed a report on the shooting of a young man by a father witnessing his 16-year-old step-daughter having consensual sex.(2) I won’t say I know what was going through the shooter’s mind, but I do think we need to compare the Amerikan shootings with the Saudi lashes. As I pointed out before in another lashings and sexual jealousy homicide comparison, lashings are a drawback but so are shootings. As a sociologist with much experience sifting through social data, I already know that there is no Islamic country with as high a proportion of romance culture violence as the United $tates. Despite all our females here with PhDs, no one writes about romance culture violence in comparative context, so I have been busy promoting the MIM framework for feminist theory production.

What is “progressive”?

The Saudi leaders are rich men. Nonetheless, as the lead guardians of Islam’s holiest places they answer to what Islam should be for the whole world, not just the rich.

What the CNN report on 60 lashes for reporting sexual boasting does is show the Saudi consistency. Saudi Islam is just opposing sex for its own sake consistently. It is therefore wrong to say that Saudis single out LGBT or wimmin for discrimination. LGBT in the non-imperialist countries have to be defended as extra anti-Amerikkkan fighters, sentries and backup providers of social relations.

Our big disagreement with Islam is over capitalism, because we believe it is impossible for marriage to escape commodification under capitalism, but the Muslims and Christians would say we are guilty of syncretism, the making of Heaven on Earth, which is an impossibility they say. We rebut them by saying one does not escape being a sex object through a lifestyle choice. MIM says under capitalism, one is a sex object, end of story. That’s not to say that capitalism is not a gain over feudalism and slavery, but it is to say that lifestyle cannot remove one from the status of sex object under capitalism.

The Kantians and others of religious inclination break the solidarity of the people, break the connections by saying that individual choices can free one of sex object status under capitalism. It is the view that individual choices do this that makes the Kantians and most Christians and Muslims Liberal. So one can be for procreation-centered family and still be Liberal. Kant and Rawls would be examples.

The Muslims may say that they guard the right of intermarriage along class and nation lines and they also pursue lifestyle across-the-board.
Yet one’s marriage choices are shaped by class whether one knows it or not. There is no lifestyle solution for that, because class can only be eliminated simultaneously through an act of social solidarity. Before that, all people are sex objects and there is no point in distinguishing between wives and prostitutes, except to discriminate against prostitutes, which in many contexts will end up boiling down to discriminating against a certain class of wimmin. The only correct way to discriminate against prostitutes is across-the-board through socialism and then communism, but then housewives as people who chose their men based on class also won’t exist, so there won’t be any discrimination.

To return to the main thread and away from my digression on our differences with Islam, I have some sympathy for the Anglicans and the Pope, as long as they are to the left of Obama on class internationally. We may call the Anglicans and Pope “conservative” on sexual issues, but they answer for religious flocks in countries where procreation-centered family is a matter of life and death.

The Pope is clear about class internationally, so I would say that he is more “progressive” than our Freudian left-wing of parasitism in the United $tates which thinks that 60 lashes for a female is barbarism while staying quiet about 1000 lashes and five years prison for a boasting male. Our Freudian left-wing of parasitism long-ago crossed into being pussy-whipped sellers of tuition tickets that turned colleges 57% female.

Another way of saying this is that gender is not the principal contradiction. If the Pope is in reformist internationalist territory on class, then he should be counted as “progressive.” Our ideological spectrum needs to be rewritten in the West. Even if the Pope ropes some Westerners via mistaken localized social conservatism, if he also ropes them into solidarity with the Third World economically, then he should be counted as leftist.

Congregationalism and economic surplus

In New England we have some socially liberal Congregationalist Protestantism.(3) While the Pope and Anglicans lead international flocks, Congregationalists are free to act strictly locally.

Congregationalism is better for gender issues in the imperialist countries, because the “conservative” ideas of the Pope and Anglicans are more likely to be used for intra-bourgeois discrimination — LGBT-bashing and lynching. It can really be too much to ask a college-educated female to swallow the idea of no female priests.

This brings me to the role of economic surplus in shaping gender transitions. Amerikans are in a pathetic decadent state of gender relations, but they cannot go backward because of the economic surplus. The proportion of college-educated females is too high, and that is a gain that is both inevitable with wealth and progressive in social content worth defending.

The impact of growing wealth and female education includes:

  • Lower birth rates, declining significance of reproduction.
  • Vague dissatisfaction with culture made for another era.

    In no imperialist country have we managed a transition to a new coherence in gender relations. There is no MIM-Thought led country. In fact, every time we try to raise up a feminist movement, various Liberals arise to drag us back down into decadence and mediocrity, usually in the name of inconsistent and unstated ideologies of racism and feudalism or plain individualism and subjectivism.

    With the fading significance of reproduction, it is hard to explain to our large proportion of college-educated females why there should be no female priests to exert moral leadership. In fact, females dominate the pre-scientific fields education-wise. So too whining about less educated and less paid boyfriends has started for reasons that females themselves have not divined.

    Nonetheless, while we oppose discrimination against educated females and concur with Betty Friedan on all the problems that arise as females are educated but do not fit in, we recognize that Amerikan-style educated females are still the world’s tiny minority. The Pope and Muslim activists cannot answer just to the needs of the leisure-privileged minority. They have to focus elsewhere as does MIM.

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