More on the state and the Fourth Estate

Once again, there are insinuations out there about state roles for four ex-girlfriends of mine, one of which I do not believe. In my extended family there are also rumors of more covert state actors. There is no one who wrote on this topic more systematically than I did. Others said I was “paranoid” or scheming to scare people away.

Let’s be clear that the U.$. federal government has used girlfriends, family members, maintenance workers, business fronts and government offices to spy on me. Despite daily pressures, we should continue on an independent course.

The fact is that spies vastly outnumber communists and it’s also a fact that in a key way I was alone on 9/11 and the immediate aftermath, because Jacobin strategy still is relevant. The struggles leading up to 9/11 involved bitter purges and not a single instance of story-telling by me. So it’s hard for majoritarians, Liberals or post-modernists to latch onto anything. In fact, ugly little vignettes keep turning up.

Nonetheless, I have support in the Fourth Estate, especially within a range of issues. In addition there is good content in the bourgeois media sometimes. The bourgeois media is helping with the wildlife video situation right now.

The White House effort to oust Fox News from the media pool may have been a turning point when the corporate media realized it should be somewhat independent of the government. Some factual issues are still being strongly debated via ole’ boys’ network.

Jimmy Orr, “Obama golfs with female after media criticism. Coincidence?”


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