Trust II

Lately the press reports that I$rael probably has nuclear weapons, but no one talks about their nukes, just Iran’s and N. Korea’s.

I$rael regards the Palestinians as “untrustworthy bastards.”(1) That’s why they don’t have the transcripts they need to put together nuclear weapons with fuel the Saudis could buy and give them, as Libya’s leader Kadhafi points out.(2)

Abbas has volunteered that his career has ended unless summonsed by the unified Palestinian people.(3) This is a move with great potential usefulness.

Once we move beyond the freebie stage of shopping, we can move on to greater things, more regular business relations. Customers always try the sample first.

Likewise, the international united front is right to remain on the offensive, and not let time derail the U.$. side of the struggle, the way we let Malcolm X get assassinated for instance. If there is documentation of certain wildlife relations, one might decide that it’s good to subscribe to a cable provider regular television. It’s getting the Royal Flush. If there is no documentation of wildlife relations, then there is still documentation of a simulated Royal Flush.

If a customer shops for a car, she probably can see photos and videos online first before deciding to settle into a car to drive for several years. So auto companies get photos and videos out there. And if the customer has any questions, they get the full brochures out there right away. If they didn’t, the executives would be fired.



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