To my alter-ego

Too much chaos under Heaven? The Arab and Iranian peoples know it is the Amerikkkans causing chaos under Heaven, not the radicals. Some others may not know it.

I suppose the full-bore anti-Amerikkkanism arises in two conditions:
1) War. 2) Knowing what the United States is supposed to be while having the discontent to care still.

My alter-ego has a good chance of intuiting where I am right now. He may understand why I feel better prepared than past people put in my place.

He probably knows what the four-way was. And now new elements for new deals are in the air.

My alter-ego and others concerned suggest a way of ratcheting down, but I’m not sure my alter-ego is in a position to make a new four-way come off. From my perspective, nothing has been delivered the past 15 months.

If my alter-ego CAN pull it off now, no doubt by speaking with various actors, then I’m prepared to disaggregate certain problems. I won’t give up my anti-Amerikkkanism, but I know how to ratchet down certain tensions politically.

There is also some point in waiting for the Amerikans to set the background conditions, unfortunately, but these next couple days are critical.


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