36 French stand convicted of bribing/arms smuggling in connection to 30 Angolan officials including President Dos Santos.

The MPLA in Angola received Soviet aid; that is well known. The French role had been shrouded till now.

The government of Angola blamed UNITA Angolans previously supported by French secret services. This is a tough charge to make, because the trial only charged French people, including the now convicted son of the president Mitterand.

Dos Santos broke relations with France when the trial started.(1) If true, the convictions prove that Mao was correct to separate France from the United $tates in his Three Worlds Theory. At the same time, the convictions may represent greater cooperation between the West and Soviet social-imperialism than hitherto admitted in history.

Another French legal conflict involves scandal between President Sarkozy and former Prime Minister De Villepin. Sarkozy claims that De Villepin allowed various untrue smears to stand to benefit his campaign.(2)



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