Black Muslim leader killed by Obama-Holder administration

On October 28, “Luqman Ameen Abdullah, 53, also known as Christopher Thomas, was gunned down after refusing to surrender and opening fire when the FBI raided a Dearborn warehouse, FBI spokeswoman Sandra Berchtold said.”(1)

Other reports said the group followed H Rap Brown in prison, a 1960s radical.

MIM has warned since 2006 against the Islamophobia in the Obama-Avakian-Kasama milieu. It’s not that they never make some feeble statements to oppose imperialist wars, but their priorities are not internationalist. They typically use rhetoric to cover up spying and disruption services on behalf of imperialism and their own careers.

The same day, the U.S. federal government was authoring leaks of previously uncirculated (by feds) baseless allegations against me. More importantly the left-wing of parasitism was still conspiring against the largest U.$. website that would have done something about the attack, the old MIM website. Thus attacks against Islam and MIM are coordinated by the same people MIM always said were coordinating in national oppression.

We call for an independent investigation by the people. The Republicans won’t do it.

The EU is making a mistake at this juncture in allowing U.$. politics to polarize. There is no widespread internationalist pole here of substance. The Amerikkkans themselves are too culturally wrapped in anti-Asian racism and Islamophobia to be able to fix their own problems. In its own imperialist interests, the EU should make the internal deals it needs, but it should make sure the ball is rolling.

1. “Detroit: Radical Muslim leader killed in raid,”


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