Michelle Obama and Reagan-style optimism

The New York Times mentions some quotes from Michelle Obama to Katie Couric. Michelle Obama re-paraphrases Jiang Qing, who reportedly said sex is engaging in the initial rounds but power is the long sustainer.

Instead of sex, Michelle Obama talks about cuteness as “lasts for so long.” Based on MIM’s criticisms, Michelle Obama countered the eroticizing-power line of Jiang Qing; although, Jiang Qing did not live in an imperialist country. Michelle Obama advises to stay with those who “make you completely happy and make you feel whole.”

This is clearly the voice of the Liberal gender aristocracy. The Founding Fathers talked about “pursuit of happiness” and Reagan talked about optimism in Amerika.

No man should have the power to make a female “completely happy,” especially not under imperialism. This is the call to gender privilege and love of patriarchy, which at this moment includes sexual torture in U.$. prisons.

A persyn should look to happiness in regard to society, not an individual, even if that individual could potentially be the anchor of a family. That’s why we know what we think of Korean females who date U.$. occupier troops and Palestinian females who would be made “completely whole” by I$raeli men. Otherwise, the reasoning will be that he made his girlfriend “completely happy.” It’s a matter of according society and the importance of its affairs the proper role in one’s own happiness, and not putting the individual above the class, nation and gender struggle. If we put revolutionaries in the place of responsibility of making romance partners “completely happy,” we are headed for big trouble anywhere in the world.

In the imperialist countries there is no progressive role for Reagan-style “morning in America” whether by conservatives, liberals or pseudo-communists. Instead we want females to be discontented and unhappy in Amerikkka when they are alone, and we want them to be still unhappy and discontented when they have a husband, never mind a boyfriend. Such an approach is not the same as in a Third World country constructing socialism.

Good reference though.

New York Times 29Oct2009, p. a18.


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