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Not a mystery we want to have

November 30, 2009

The MOSSAD took offense to my last mention of them, of course. If my comrades were paying attention, they would have noticed something the MOSSAD just did caused by my ex-comrades.

I’m under intense scrutiny because of the rape fabrication and because the website went down. Because people are not going to take this all at a straight-on-my-verbal-say-so, they are going to look into documents. And what they are going to find is two different contexts in which an ex-comrade is mentioned as MOSSAD.

Now what if the ex-comrade was not MOSSAD, but now as part of a due diligence investigation MOSSAD is being mentioned in the same breath as rape fabrications, neo-Nazis and the shutdown of the world’s most powerful anti-Amerikkkan website? Do you think you would resent it if you were MOSSAD? What do you think you might do to catch my attention?

And do you think the MOSSAD is the only one going to have doubts? How do you think this looks to the international proletariat, after all the warnings we gave it? It looks like we have no ability to deliver even clean diplomatic cards, and the kicker is that the two sides reinforce each other.

The most obvious beneficiary of all this was the Democratic Party, as I predicted in “What’s New?” months in advance. It looks like the Democratic Party cannot leave campaign mode to enter governance mode, in which truth matters if not to U.$. voters, then to other significant actors in the world, on both sides, the imperialists and the proletariat.

Truth matters. Reality matters. People outside Hollywood, outside Amerikkka and even outside a couple putrid Internet discussion boards (which endorsed Obama) matter.


Comment/ message reading policy

November 30, 2009

I don’t read messages or comments here. You have to mail me if you know my email.

The reason for that is that I found myself wasting time sorting through too many threats when I have to do work. It’s the same underlying reasoning I pushed to shut down a friendly forum, when it was polluted by my lynchers’ associates and those creating an appearance of threatening them.

Saudi bombing of Yemen

November 30, 2009

[This is another horrible article with Aesopian content.]

Regarding the Saudi bombing of Yemen, my ex-comrades are letting the bourgeois press lead the way, because of their racist standards of un-reasoning.

Today, the “Financial Times” is hitting the mark, hard, while my ex-comrades f* up and try to drag the revolution backwards. It confirms what I just said about Europe standing firmer. Here we are being made to look stupid, where if ever there was a case for saying to write off the imperialist country “Left,” if ever there was a moment justifying Islamic radicalism and exclusively Islamic radicalism, now is that moment. The Che-Libbers just can’t figure it out. It means that intelligent Leftism cannot be transmitted and is therefore worthless. Imperialist Leftism’s secular properties were supposed to be valued. Now we have the upper ranks of the capitalist class figuring things out and the Muslims’ figuring things out while Amerikan “Leftists” take pride in their perversely racist resistance to truth.

My ex-comrades have been told by various international sources why they are wrong. They don’t recognize it or they are bribed. Undoubtedly it’s a combination of both.

I have always opposed Aesopian writing, which is not surprising given that MIM’s readers were so heavily prisoners and speakers of English as a second language. Here I am getting a double-whammy, once because of stories spread and screwed up by ex-comrades involved with the lynching and once by the government media’s leakage of Aesopian racism to reinforce twisted conceptions of struggle.

The (“Che-Libs”) and RCP=CIA are actively in the way of revolution.


November 30, 2009

Hal Turner turned up in newstories. The stories demonstrate that COINTELPRO-style confusion is still spread by the FBI in this modern day.

Hal Turner was a deep cover agent, trained by the FBI in racism and anti-Semitism. He is now reportedly in trouble in court for death threats against federal judges.

“‘I was not some street snitch,’ Turner said in one of several lengthy interviews at the Hudson County Jail, where he was kept until the terms of his bail were worked out in October — terms that prevented him from talking to reporters after his release. ‘I was a deep undercover intelligence operative.'”


Warning to media not to defame me

November 29, 2009

This is fair warning to the media not to defame me further. I’m riding the pine; I hold no office and do not run for any office.

I will have no difficulty if need be in proving that this whole experience of mine has happened before, as part of Amerikkka’s hoary lynching traditions, especially in a situation of being in a diplomatic hole.

Conspiracy to enslave is a crime, not just defamation. Legal defenses will not include that you the media were the ones to put Amerika in the diplomatic hole and that you have made profit from gossip and Aesopian stories about me. The fact that lynch mob rumors to create work-for-nothing diplomats are traditional is not going to be a defense.

The physical threats are also increasingly obvious.

If you want to enslave someone, try docking your officials’ pay. Alternatively, you can also enslave those paid to conduct anti-social behavior. Don’t look at me here: I paid time and money to create MIM.

Squash the truth on the Mideast forever?

November 29, 2009

I’m not trying to jinx the Schalit deal. The Palestinians can judge.

Regarding the carrot-and-stick approach of the imperialists, since I went to the bench there have been two kinds of sticks — 1) sticks putting the U.$. imperialists in a deeper diplomatic hole; 2) sticks again conspiring to enslave me.

In my opinion, in this latest round of geopolitics we are going to see Europe hold a little firmer than usual. It’s too late to cover up the truth.

In shutting down the MIM website, the enemy has left a larger role for the British Guardian.

Sarkozy, Brown and the new EU politicians can handle the individualist problems and the holes in the U.$. story. That’s how Liberalism is supposed to work. There is no reason to continue the hoary U.$. tradition of creating diplomatic slaves. That’s from a by-gone era; although, post-modernist Amerikans don’t get it.

My ex-comrades are too susceptible to fascism for me to play a Liberal role, simply because I’ve got the poop on the Liberals. They’d rather let the “Guardian” do the job and no credit go to communists, which suits the Republicrats and fascists fine.

Who-oriented angle to our current problems

November 28, 2009

I would like to reiterate to the international united front that I am still collecting information. Even if my arch-enemies act out of check, it’s not very smart of them at this time.

The real problem right now comes from ex-comrades.

Flaunting CIA and FBI ties, the Strasserites had said one was MOSSAD. That would have the advantage of explaining what is going on right now. The comrade was confronted with this accusation and denied it.

I’ve had several indications from several sources of a more plausible story of a problem in the international united front, some kind of bribery or other problem with another ex-comrade causing problems. I don’t want to appear oblivious to all the indications, including shadowy admissions by the country itself.

The problem with this more plausible story is that Liberals planted a similar but false story in a parallel and different situation. Fucking Liberals cannot admit that when it comes down to it, the left-wing of parasitism is simply susceptible to fascism and goes looking for excuses abroad. It was the same exact problem with social-democrats in Germany. The Nazis walked all over them.

When it comes to dealing with my ex-comrades, I think I would prefer the depiction in “Law Abiding Citzen,” which could refer to me or my arch-enemies. At least this frank Hollywood depiction geared toward FBI self-flattery shows struggle and reasons why struggle is not always lop-sided. By comparison, my ex-comrades seem not very thorough.

Obliviousness and email leaks

November 24, 2009

I apologized to my lyncher at a time when discussion groups with leaks from the CIA and (now we know) her own supporters came up in Aesopian and not-so Aesopian form. Among the statements that came up in an Internet forum that I successfully shutdown was “DIE X.”

It was clear to me that some lower rungs in the intelligence world had figured out what happened, and some political activists as well. For some to use that apology against me only shows the obliviousness of the people doing so. It shows they would not apologize for death threats that appear to come in friendly forums.

It was very difficult for me, and I had to parse it a while, because I had not spoken with my lyncher directly in over a decade, but I needed to know what was going on. In retrospect, and as I said at the time on the website the lynch-mob has succeeded in taking down, this was another typical COINTELPRO-style tactic of trying to pin death threats on me.

To me, not knowing which of the participants were my lynchers’ friends, it looked like my lyncher was going to be lynched. And that scared me. It is her fault for this whole situation, because I wrote anonymously until this problem came along again.

Riding the pine

November 24, 2009

I’m riding the pine, collecting information these next couple weeks.

I’ve got ideas, but I’m being quiet. Ashton and Clinton can handle things.

Concerns about David Paterson

November 24, 2009

Even if there were a white proletariat and no national chauvinism, I would not run against David Paterson, Governor of New York. I’m sure the financial crisis damaged him, but I have a bad feeling that speculations about me also played a part.