Abuses of wimmin internationally: throwing out property

How often coercive people invade others’ space. A marker of the gendered status of wimmin is whether their things can be thrown out.

“‘Kapoor said she was alone in Mumbai and had been thrown out of her flat. Some people even threw out her belongings. She said she is from Srinagar and belongs to the minority community,’ he said.

”’Mr Patil directed her to go to the police and if any injustice has been done to her, police would take necessary action,’ Siddique said.”(1)

There are several articles on the Internet about the above-mentioned model actress Kapoor’s belongings being thrown out, but the equivalent of modern lepers also have their belongings thrown out: “Aids patient seeks understanding Mum as New Year’s present: Threw out her belongings, banned her from returning home after learning of illness.”(2)

In Singapore, an academic study mentions the case of another womyn whose belongings were thrown out. “Transnational families and their children’s education: China’s ‘study mothers’ in Singapore.”

In Singapore, there was a man “But his payments were late and when she complained, they quarrelled and he threw out her belongings.”(3)

In these cases, females especially targeted were minorities in two cases and diseased in a third. Sometimes we should just face up when we are dealing with snot-nosed ideas. What gives people the right to invade the space of wimmin we have to ask. Wimmin would never get away with going to someone’s house and just throwing stuff out. It’s only men who think they know better. A search of the Internet will find that men who attack wimmin often throw out their belongings in addition.

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