Mideast update

I see some progress in getting onto the same page in the Mideast, by the international community. Obviously, it’s not over the hump.

We continue to see Amerikkkans f* with Palestinian diplomatic cards. It used to be that Amerikans only spoke with Palestinians after the I$raelis in diplomatic negotiations. Plus, the I$raelis receive all the advanced weapons systems. That’s what makes it all the more galling to see Amerikkkans contrive motivations for why Palestinian cards are no good.

They are doing that plus casting doubt on the value of the cards by extraneous recalcitrance.

This shows the inability of even Amerikans who have read their Stalin or Mao to focus on the principal contradiction and strip out the unnecessary distractions. Middle East players have to be at the table. Diplomatic staffs from other countries probably have to be at the table. Others who have entangled themselves seem to think the rules for Amerikkkan campaigns apply in global politics generally, not so.

The Iranians have done a good job in nuclear negotiations. It’s time for MIM to turn to other subjects and other approaches.

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