“Law Abiding Citizen: The System Must Pay”

“Law Abiding Citizen”
Rated R
102 minutes

This is another movie selling tickets to the labor aristocracy. “Nick” is a member of the Black bourgeoisie, a lawyer, like Obama or more particularly, Eric Holder. Nick defends himself again and again as “doing his job,” as a cog in the machine.

People in love with story-telling should watch movies like this and worse. Top prosecutors and mayors should be the ones to know the overall picture of the United $tates’ being the world’s imprisonment leader, with the majority of prisoners non-violent offenders. Yet the United $tates stays in its warped condition thanks to movies like this one, with no road forward except more fascism and more war.

In the end, the prosecutor does do a 100% flip, assisting a murder-suicide and beating a defendant when only his partner is looking on. The film probably pleases some of the lower ends of the FBI sector of Hollywood mentioned in passing by Frances Stonor Saunders.

It’s worth remembering that Philadelphia, the scene of the movie was also the scene of the Black mayor’s bombing of Black citizens that killed 11 and destroyed 60 houses.



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