The worst of both worlds: Gay/lesbian bashing and lynching in a context of casual sex

Maine voted down same-sex marriage, 53% to 47% yesterday. The same issues have been percolating since before MIM founded itself.

In MIM’s most urgent struggle at the moment, we have a combination of homophobia and lynching. Purged for not upholding the lesbian liberation logo on MIM Notes, one angry persyn offered up a fist fight while comrades were sitting at a table. Another persyn quit at that very moment, but said, “but I’m not going out like that.” Sadly to say, to some extent these two people dragged down the political level of a couple other people.

Many years later, it turns out that the same angry mole for the RCP=CIA line on gays/lesbians was also involved in lynching and worked for Kasama and Obama. What a surprise.

It would have been a different matter had the RCP=CIA and their infiltrators openly argued for Kant’s line against casual sex and for sex only for procreation. Quite the contrary, these same people are the Islam-bashers supposedly on behalf of the right to change one’s hemline. They would never take a path as unpopular as the Pope’s, because they seek broader uncontroversial appeal, despite the fact that the proletariat is not the status quo and cannot play “conserve what we’ve got.” In other words, these people want selective subjectivism — and the underlying reason is that they have been members of the state or working with the state for decades.

On this point, even the “New York Times” has figured out that the line opposing MIM is both for casual sex and for bashing the LGBT community. That’s the worst possible combination as is often the case for the left-wing of parasitism.

For the ability to oppose the lesbian liberation logo, our crypto-Democrats also violated the party constitution in leaving the party: they did not go on to form other organizations with the third cardinal principle on the labor aristocracy, as they are supposed to have when they had some grudge against the party. So in other words, a failed struggle on LGBT issues led directly into racist backpedalling on the obvious facts of parasitism. Instead the purged mushed into exploiter-led organizations. Opportunism on one question led to capitulation on another.

When MIM talks about “worst of both worlds,” we can refer to these crypto-Democrats who can’t get used to the idea that strategy does not wag the tail of analysis. They act as if there is an exploited Euro-Amerikan proletariat to rise up to take over factories, when in fact, nationalization of the auto and banking sectors is a corporatist takeover, seen before in Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa — the mushing of corporations and the state together in one entity without worker control or proletarian uprising.

Even parliamentary cretin Dean Baker seems to have figured that out. He now argues against Barney Frank’s approach to the banking industry, because Baker believes we have to have banks that can fail.(2) It sounds kind of “conservative,” but the idea is from the Greens. MIM is not going to endorse either the Green or Barney Frank position, because perhaps the Democrats will bring down the system sooner, the way the Russian Czar did for the Russian Revolution in 1917.

To some extent, the RCP=CIA has beaten a retreat on the LGBT issues but not lynching. That’s why it took the lead in following CIA recruiter Phyllis Chesler on Iran. That brings us very much to the current moment, same issues and more importantly same underlying worst-of-both-worlds method or lack thereof.

A handful of individuals including one particular recalcitrant individual is blatantly siding with I$rael at this moment, by adding complications into politics that should not exist.



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