Mideast update

1. Palestinian leader Abbas, the long-favored negotiator of I$rael is threatening not to run for re-election and may announce the move November 6.(1) According to “Haaretz,” the move is already official.

2. Immediately after I said that Europe could get credit for good deeds, the Yen traded higher against the Euro.(2) Thus we may surmise that Japan sought to involve Europe in Mideast peace-making.

3. Obama campaigners’ intransigence has added several complications to the peace process in the last 48 hours. One that I will mention is that Uncle-$am-owned General Motors tried to do Obama a favor by canceling its Opel deal with Russia and Canada, after which Canada rushed to pass a bill making telecommunications wiretapping legal.(3) Putin said it was an out-of-the-blue attack. However, it remains to be seen what GM can really manage to do about selling at least the European based operations.

4. At the moment, UN officials are saying a global climate deal looks unlikely in the next year. It was just a few days ago that UN Secretary General wrote “Yes We Can” in the “New York Times.”

On October 28, I wrote that Obama turned down the wrong road. Since that time, contradictions have only increased.

5. The EU’s action today further vindicates me when I said that I was not given the chance to go to Europe or other places for Internet access. It will now be necessary to take legal action to shut down Internet access; whereas, previously it was possible to gossip someone off the Internet, a procedure we know in advance will be disproportionately detrimental to oppressed nations.

Real leaks about files of mine that are supposed to be classified in addition to pure fabrications have played a real role in damaging the MIM’s struggle to keep its website online. The leaks were to benefit the careers of others, and of course, also had opportunist use of “national security” lingo. Leak-receivers in the media also saw their websites benefit by a lack of MIM competition. MIM’s website was getting over 100,000 readers a month, and included the most serious readers of politics in the world.

The EU move has the potential to uncomplicate the pile up of contradictions, which even Senator Lieberman said was getting to be too much.

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