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John Reed says that he now looks at the business of banking as a citizen, not a stakeholder.(1)

“‘I would compartmentalize the industry for the same reason you compartmentalize ships,’ Reed said in the interview in his office on Park Avenue in New York. ‘If you have a leak, the leak doesn’t spread and sink the whole vessel. So generally speaking you’d have consumer banking separate from trading bonds and equity.'”(1)

The Reed comments show that the obstinacy of the left-wing of parasitism has led to a generalized set of distractions involving the corporate bourgeoisie that we did not want. It comes from the same old libertarian, individualist, subjectivist crap failing to recognize leadership.

First of all, we did compartmentalize. The non-MC prison function was separated off. The cell strategy was built for profound and overlapping reasons that are not subject to the scrutiny of non-members.

Newer cells claiming to be MIM-influenced but in fact just Obama transmission belts continued with their own separate work as it was before. There was no issue.

The call for compartmentalization came from usurpers. And that decision was not up to behind-the-back attackers, but the party leadership duly constituted.

The fact is that usurpers aided the state in their attack on MIM. Whereas before MIM had a strong readership, the usurper made it no secret that he “liked it better” when MIM had a small readership. His other forum is filled with moronic swamp comments on the excessive influence of MIM.

In 2007, third-party market research firm Alexa had MIM behind only the Communist Party of China for readers in the global “communist category.” That was on account of the writing of yours truly. The rest combined did a tiny fraction. Disabling my work does not make others suddenly more equal in their writing and editing ability. Taking down that website and the links that it had and disabling my work disables the leading communist website in the West, period. It also exposes our readers to easier surveillance. The act was anti-communist and especially pro-Zionist in context, but it can be undone in 10 minutes.

The act was also primarily directed against Asian-unAmerikkkans. As long as there was no Asian-unAmerikkkan page and as long as there was no struggle on those issues, the usurpers did not act. The lynching whoop-up had to be in the air.

The whole underlying attitude toward Asian-unAmerikkkans is that they are supposed to take all abuses passively. Rape fabrications, force-drafting into 9/11 questions, coercive accusations designed to create slavery and having no Asian-unAmerikkkan page are all to be taken in stride in the name of neo-colonialist fads.

There will never be a hard-working and serious political writer or journalist or editor who does not become privy to special knowledge. Had the “New York Times” approved the MIM Asian-unAmerikkkan struggle, we would not be having this debate now, but there is a sector of neo-colonialist liberals from the left-wing of parasitism that only knows something is true if the monopoly capitalist media says so. They can’t imagine, that maybe, just maybe, an Asian-unAmerikkkan editor did a better job on several issues of hard politics. Instead, they assume the New York Times deserves to continue, not me. That being the case there is no way to defend Asian-unAmerikkkan journalism in particular against the Democrats.

MIM never backed down from any question of racism or national chauvinism. The call to compartmentalize MIM work is racist, a double-standard.

What should be compartmentalized is legal responsibility. That’s all and I have proposed just that and it can be done in 10 minutes. The United $tates could also copy the EU and require a court order to close down Internet access for technical or content reasons.

Regarding Meghan McCain’s comments, of course she is right as far as it goes. However, one thing I agree with Ted Kennedy about in his book True Compass is his father’s approach to bourgeois political careers. Ted Kennedy’s father removed the Kennedys from Boston, essentially to escape contact with ordinary people except in professional settings. The hereditary rich are advantaged that way. That’s what works here. One cannot have been set-up for various coercive career-killers among ordinary people and then launch an electoral career.

I am currently in a situation that cannot be described as capitalism. I have been force-drafted into working for less and less money as the government destroys my business and also my journalistic community. Leaks, insinuations, false charges and frame-ups are all used in an effort to make me join the System on terms similar to Obama’s. Anyone who knows how I came into witnessing historic events understands this.

I would not have asked John McCain to run for office while still in Vietnamese prison. Even upon release from Vietnam, only he knows what pressures were placed on him. I don’t think he would have liked it if told he would only be released from Vietnam if he ran for office. He might not have wanted to set such a precedent. Now add in the racial element in my case and consider whether McCain would have wanted that if white male veterans had never run for president before.

This is a backward situation I am in. It can only be thrown into the hopper for another backward situation. Mao told us to undertake long and legal struggles. That was what MIM was doing. Instead of celebrating that, insteading of noting that no MIM comrades had ever died in combat, the usurpers coordinating their attacks with the state and opted for an even more conservative and racist strategy.

And yet, at this moment, it should be clear that all of this is subordinate to diplomacy. How often we hear from the Muslims that Amerikans have no moral guidance. The same is said in various other ways throughout the East, not just the Arab states. It does no good to make some deal with Obama and Clinton if one believes it is only a deal for show and as soon as a couple people go home, there is no one with the slightest understanding of how or why MIM has to be backed for the citizens’ interests or the interests of peace. I mean come on, if we can’t find the citizen support to keep the MIM website going, we’re not going to have it to sustain a long-term Mideast peace effort either. It says to the world: hey look, these things MIM is talking about, the related cards are not that important and we are still totally asleep, even among the tiny minority of anti-imperialist educated people.



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