Can the EU fill in the vacuum?

Last week I warned that as Obama turned down the wrong road, the EU should not stand by and let the United $tates polarize its own situation, because it has no basis for internationalism in handling the contradiction with the oppressed Islamic nations. So the FBI killed a Muslim and Amerikans gave major box office receipts to the pointless “Law Abiding Citizen” movie. Yesterday, we had the Fort Hood attack by a Muslim soldier, that killed 12 others at Fort Hood. The EU should not let this sort of country determine the fate of the planet.

The EU should act, but what it can do for Netanyahu in I$rael is unclear. My suggestion would be to offer $20 billion in new assistance per year to Palestinians above and beyond previous pledges, offer it this weekend, and condition it on a deal this month. The Palestinians should understand this as not a condition for them, but an item desired by Netanyahu. I would suspect the deal would have to include a settlement freeze and Al Quds for the Arabs along with East Jerusalem and right of return to those same places, not I$raeli territory.

It seems the U.$. Congress can condemn the Goldstone Report, but not do much for Palestinians. That is why we can hope the EU fills the vacuum, when the Amerikkkans can’t save themselves.

Later, I would have the EU ask China to treat the offer, if it goes through, as a $20 billion sort of chip in relations, not that China should in turn pay the EU $20 billion, but that some other serious consideration be given later.

It seems odd to me that the U.S. Congress did not step to the plate to give Abbas what he needed. I hear Miss California’s breast implants are two of the top 10 stories at Google News, so maybe it’s time for influence to come from the EU.

The international united front should assure Netanyahu that it is going to see to the economic concerns of Palestinians including increased travel to and education in the West. We can’t give him more weapons, but Netanyahu’s need is to have the Palestinians more economically similar to I$raelis.


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